Poverty In India

Poverty: India's Struggle to Survive

All throughout India, people have to survive without even the most basic human needs. With little or no access to clean water, food, or shelter, the impoverished people of India must make the struggle to get by on a day-to-day basis. Some find a way to manage their poverty, while others simply cannot provide for themselves or their family, and many die because of starvation.

Today, there are many ways that the government is trying to end poverty, and while some have been slightly successful, poverty still remains as a big issue in India.

Poverty today: How to fix it, now and for good.

The government has been trying to effectively "treat" poverty with a series of five-year plans. The first, in 1951, focused mainly on irrigation and agriculture. The plans became more and more complex, and over the years, more successful. Even as successful as they were, poverty still remains at large. The latest five-year plan addresses many issues: Income and Poverty, Education, Health, Women and Children, Infrastructure, and the Environment. The end of this plan is in 2012, so the results are yet to be known.